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China Market Strategy

China is now very attractive, not just for the ‘low cost’ base allowing the export of goods back to Western markets but the every growing consumer market inside China.

Market entry can be achieved either by the selection of a Chinese joint venture partner or by setting up a wholly owned foreign enterprise (WOFE), the advantages being 100% control no partner issues and 100% of profit, the difficulties are understanding how to trade in China, many large Western companies have retreated with damaged reputations and huge financial losses.

The benefits of success are huge

due to the scale of the market opportunities

in China, Anglo China can assist in

avoiding many of the pitfalls seen in

the past by companies underestimating

the complexity of the China market and

trying to go it alone and cutting corners

in their haste to gain market entry.

For UK businesses seeking Chinese manufacturers, Chinese wholesalers,  to start sourcing from China, transfer manufacturing to China, or looking for joint ventures between UK and Chinese companies,  then Anglo China Strategies Limited can offer expert guidance and support at the necessary level to enable your venture to be a success.

It has never been more relevant to work with experienced industry experts when looking to China, for a free telephone consultation contact Anglo China now.